Do What You Love

At its inception, Infernal Stock I: Dixon Breaks Loose was a story about a bird who wanted so desperately to mate that she became hostile to her humans. In the end, it is about themes of a grander scale: recognizing love hidden in a sea of sex; the repercussions of allowing vanity to override instinct; and embracing one’s true self.

None of those concepts are forced upon the reader. I wouldn’t have it done to me, and I certainly wouldn’t do that to you. Instead, Dixon keeps it light and easy. He lives. Life is growth, and it’s natural.

See what Dixon’s all about–his life and his loves.

Infernal Stock I: Dixon Breaks Loose will be on sale in the Amazon Kindle Bookstore beginning March 21 and wrapping up on March 27, 2014. Look for it in the Kindle Countdown Deals.

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Celebrate the Launch of ABNA 2014

The Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award competition is in the first round of judging. This is a fun contest for writers looking to get their first break in the book business.

My entry, Infernal Stock, is among the thousands being judged. It’s very exciting to enter, but less fun to wait for the results.

You, dear reader, are lucky: you don’t have to wait. The sequel to Infernal Stock will be free for Kindle format starting this Friday, March 14. Pick up a copy of Book One, and get Book Two for free.

Promotion ends March 17 at midnight.


Troubles Halved

My memoir would never have been published were it not for Paul Gilmartin. He has been comic, television host, and sherpa through the world of podcasting for longer than I have been anything. His show, The Mental Illness Happy Hour, gave me an opportunity to tell my story.

In honor of the anniversary of my appearance on The Mental Illness Happy Hour (2012), Mother’s House Payment will be featured on Amazon’s Countdown Deals. The promotion begins January 25 and runs through January 28. Get in early to get the best deal.